Selected Writing

The Trench

All the while cold air was moving from, one place to another.
Not forced by the pressure of a hard days exhaust but…
Tantalized by the distance of…
Massaged by thick unknowingness, of time and everything.

Massaged by, thick unknowingness…
I wouldn’t say that’d be a detriment too much.
With the, happy faces in the halls…
In the tenements where the perfect snow blows forced
by hope we’ve never had.

Inspection 6

Construction man helps, as he’s pinned to a corner.
Expanding a greeting and a handshake
under a thick mustached long island accent.

Becoming the streets, huddled in a crowd,
six strong men turn dirt, they shoot the shit.
A “job is a job” john said, and hes worked to earn it.

The days are long and underpaid
selling drugs on the side john seems to make his wage.
These men work with raw materials.
In the winter they freeze. in the summer they sweat.
They work from dawn til dusk in the light of the city streets.

These men work with raw materials.
Their muscles and bone pave the roads that lead them home.
These men are a shining token of human resourcefulness.

Construction man helps, as hes pinned to his project.
Blessed with the strength of gods,
Men round rocks like shepherds

A Shriveled Miracle 

Time is winding up again and its a miracle but i can see to the end.
Took a dive and missed it.
Felt the fall off the edge of the world and i blissed it. 
I blissed it. 

Blinded with no light, this miracle has left me with no sight. 
Forced, fed, and bled, and dry.
I cant see anything and i cant stop confusing myself with other things.
Force fed and bled, I buried myself, with my things.
Three miles deep in mud.  

Capsized off the coast, lost with no breath, i lost my breath. 
Kind of hollowed out a sound, it was a loud sound, a proud sound. 

Time fell into a crack. Its mystery it has me. 
Its had me since i could breathe. But i lost my breath. 
I took a dive and missed it.
Felt the fall off the edge of the world and i …
I blissed it. 

Theme Through an Obstacle

Through grace alone a theme arose.
For life abrupt and pink, too free with pressure which to think. 
To sprint the marathon on wounded knee. 
For someone that spoke by the river. Simple, fair, alone.  
The price too much would be,
the admission was, i'll admit, a bit too steep.
So we tried to climb through the mission.
The peak it grew and grew, so we sat wishin,
started fishin in the deep for life to be so ordinary.

For the compromise of all compromise.
Asking the truth to repeat itself.

Rolled onto the scene like a dream, a machine,with maximum speed. 
With our need we'll feed the streets.
Damp clothe would be, caught in the current of the winter,
blown out with the moonlights shine, in a field.
Through a gust, a dress, its anyone's guess,
what a mess we made tonight.

Forced the compromise of all compromise.
Telling the truth to repeat itself.

Dave bit the head off a snake tonight.

Atlantic City

Since the fog rolled in things have been calm.
Night, it was cool, under the fog.

I can see the light through the window as it splits through the fog.
It’s rays refracted and crumbled into the night.

At the edge of steel pier the breeze taught me about myself.
It feels great when the world makes me so sick.
Tonight Atlantic City showed me my dreams.

Town of Diana

I drew an image pain made.
We felt the fall over my shoulder, it broke off and it crumbled, dead.
I felt the fall, it was immortal, it broke free and i felt smothered.
Then under a blue treatment i uncovered, my piano heard as squalor.
This time i'll fight slow stumbling steps.
They mattered a lot, beneath my lovers,
i left a trail of rubble.

Thought it was God

past created here. (duh duh the ocean, and the lands fall)
provocative and unwashed teenage spittle
sleepwalk through the room
tell me you haven't woke up eating,
eating poison.
it's likely that you would die.

you heard yourself and you thought it was god.
it was a premonition, a coal of truth.
miles above the sea level you float.

unbalanced by the target line
a brown bath draining slow
trickling through your ego.

there was a shroud of clouds over head
it woke you up and sat you next to it instead
it talked to you in riddles that you didn't understand
but to the end of the road you were led