HeresyMuseum.com and @heresymuseum instagram serve as a public repository and bulletin board for output related to Jesse S. Dewlow, Saga House, and the Alfred P. Sebastian Photography Archives 1969-1995.

People Skills is the main moniker for the solo audio recordings of american artist Jesse S. Dewlow (b.1985).
In Philadelphia in the mid-2000s he began to document his untrained experiments in improvised song and sound collage using only found, free materials.
In practice, the recordings usually took the form of simple songs, most often employing slow pop formulas to caricature listenable music.
The inner logic however, is informed by deconstructive situationist, post-structural, and Fluxus theory and pulls at the space between art and amateurism.
From this vantage point the projects blending of budget collage and negligent songcraft is defined by its inconspicuous unease, more than genre.

"i have no ambition beyond exploring sound as private decompression, anti-art concept, and as a vehicle to publish my father, Alfred P. Sebastian's unseen photographs.
After his death in 2011 i found a communion between my home recordings and his self taught photography.
To embellish the joy of amateurism, i pair our compulsions as an effigy to the awkward, isolated reflections of the human experience."

People Skills material has been published by Siltbreeze, Blackest Ever Black, I Dischi Del Barone, Alien Passengers, All Gone, Digital Regress and Kashual Plastik among others.

Eyes of the Amaryllis is a band Jesse S. Dewlow plays in with Jim Strong, Goda Trakumaite, amd Esther Scanlund.