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12/14/2021 – Thank you to all the folks overseas that helped facilitate our travels and to everyone that took the risk to attend events this past lingering Covid summer. Was a pleasure to connect during such a strange moment. Great to confirm there are still some not so remote places that are far less afflicted than the States.

On the last leg of the journey Rotterdam’s Operator Radio presented a mix which served as a sonic bookmark for the trip including live recordings of friends sets along the route, as well as unreleased tracks from People Skills, Eyes of the Amaryllis, and Employees Of The Month (an ongoing collaboration between Dan Melchior and myself).
The mix entitled “Elek Crossroads” was lovingly presented by our friends at Zenevloed.

Forthcoming releases which will all be out very soon include:



8/6/2021 – The first People Skills interview was recorded on Radio Vilnius in July. Unreleased Primitive Radio Gods, Linda Smith and Third Eye Blind covers as well as the full interview now archived at:

8/5/2021 – Some new dates have emerged, updates added to flier below. Feel free to email for details about specific events.


6/13/2021 – Hello. Time moves strangely this year. Glad to say some things seem to have changed since the last update here and I hope this message finds you all doing better than last summer.

News since the previous update includes a flurry of releases, a mix, and some exciting forthcoming releases. Most notably though, this year of isolation has led to a renewed appreciation for collaborative music.

Additional Updates:

That’s all for now folks.
Thanks for reading.


8/11/2020 – Greetings from across the unraveling. A few releases from
the past year have been added to the ps listening booth**:

**on the topic of Bandcamp, while we are all here in 2020, rife with political engagement, here’s a brief psa about why I ask people interested in purchasing my music to contact me directly via email, and to use my bc for free listening / downloading.

It’s not that I think Bandcamp doesn’t offer a useful service for artists, or that their fee waving isn’t generous, I’m just not willing to let that overshadow what I see as a conflict of interest. Bandcamp boasts 80% of each purchase paid directly to artists. Equating to more than $555 million paid to artists since their launch in 2007. That’s a great accomplishment. What it neglects to quantify though is the other 20% that’s roughly split between them and payment processing monopoly Paypal. Based on these figures from bc’s website that means independent musicians have contributed more than 55 million dollars to Paypal via Bandcamp. And more than $2 million in the past 30 days of intermittent fee waving alone.

As if Paypal’s treatment of Soulseek wasn’t enough to have you shaking your fist in scorn, flip through the Paypal wiki and ask yourself why we’ve all accepted pumping millions into this nefarious venture capital giant for so long. It’s clear now more than ever that it is in no ones best interest to passively enable the wealth that billion dollar companies have accumulated. Multinational conglomerates and Nike execs should have nothing to do with antisocial music.
Surely there are much bigger fish to fry right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too much to ask for Bandcamp to put their grassroots, ‘for the artists’ pr to action and make a concerted effort to (at very least) offer alternative payment processing options.

In defense of Soulseek, file sharing constituents, hackers and creative autonomy universal, stay asking questions and push for companies marketing social awareness to take real steps to do better.


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