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Alfred P. Sebastian Photography Archives 1969 – 1995 (coming soon)



– Two new releases from the reincarnated
Saga House label are up for pre-order now:

sh04:   V/A – The Gold and Purple Sceptre c92

sh05:   Linda Smith – Workshop Meditation c36

International distributors will be announced Monday 6/20/2022. If you want one and live in Philadelphia OR would like to distribute these releases internationally please contact: ssagahouse at gmail dot com

– A label spotlight written by John “Inzane Johnny” Olson was added to the new Saga House label section of this website.

– People Skills – Heresy Museum c59 available soon via the wonderful Regional Bears label.

– The Eyes Of The Amaryllis website was just updated with a new music video by our friend Musa Andrews. Our second LP and a 7″ is in the works.


12/14/2021 – Thank you to all the folks overseas that helped facilitate our travels and to everyone that took the risk to attend events this past lingering Covid summer. Was a pleasure to connect during such a strange moment. Great to confirm there are still some not so remote places that are far less afflicted than the States.

On the last leg of the journey Rotterdam’s Operator Radio presented a mix which served as a sonic bookmark for the trip including live recordings of friends sets along the route, as well as unreleased tracks from People Skills, Eyes of the Amaryllis, and Employees Of The Month (an ongoing collaboration between Dan Melchior and myself).
The mix entitled “Elek Crossroads” was lovingly presented by our friends at Zenevloed.

Forthcoming releases which will all be out very soon include:


8/6/2021 – The first People Skills interview was recorded on Radio Vilnius in July. Unreleased Primitive Radio Gods, Linda Smith and Third Eye Blind covers as well as the full interview now archived at:

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